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Save Our Environment.

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About Us

H&B ProdEx Inc. is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization, established in 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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Save Our Planet


Our Program

H&B ProdEx Recycling Program is mainly focused on collection service for recycling Health & Beauty Care product containers.

Bottles of Essential Oil

H&B ProdEx Recycling program accepts the following containers and products:

Cosmetic Products
  • Lipstick cases & tubes

  • Lip gloss cases & tubes

  • Lip liner pencils

  • Mascara tubes

  • Eye shadow cases

  • Bronzer cases

  • Foundation containers & bottles

  • Powder cases

  • Eyeliner cases

  • Eyeliner pencils

  • Concealer tubes & sticks

Cosmetics Containers & Products


Hair Care Containers

  • Shampoo containers

  • Conditioner containers

  • Hair gel containers

  • Hair color containers

  • Hair spray containers

  • Hair paste containers

  • Floss containers

  • Mouthwash containers

  • Toothpaste gel containers

  • Toothpaste tubes & caps

  • Toothpaste outer boxes

  • Toothbrushes & toothbrush outer packages

  • Single-use mini toothbrushes & their outer packages

Dental Care Containers & Products

Skin Care Containers

  • Lip balm tubes 

  • Facial soap containers

  • Facial lotion containers

  • Body wash containers

  • Body lotion containers

  • Hand lotion containers

  • Liquid soap containers

  • Plastic covers of soap bars

  • Shaving foam containers

  • Perfume containers

  • Sunscreen containers

Others Containers & Products

  • ​Eye care containers

  • Hand sanitizer containers

  • Deodorant containers

  • Nail polish containers

  • Manicure and pedicure care containers
    and products


Make a Difference

Business Partners at Work

Our Participants

Our Participants are collaborating with us to help to divert Beauty Care waste from Southern California’s landfills and waterways.


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